Selling EURC

In the MYKOBO app you can also sell your EURC and receive it redeemed 1:1 with Fiat EURO.
Select the blue 'Sell' button on the dedicated EURC wallet screen.
Enter the amount of EURC you want to sell.
The amount you want to sell must be above the minimum amount
If you have already saved a Euro bank account to your bank accounts listing you can select it from the drop down and then simply follow the final step.
If you have not saved any bank account details, you can also input it in the steps that follow. Please make sure all of the details are correct in order to receive your redeemed Euro for EURC.

Receiving Euro for EURC

Currently at MYKOBO it is not possible to hold fiat euro in your MYKOBO wallet. Therefore, when you redeem/sell EURC and the process is followed as above, we remove EURC from your wallet and within our systems, will make a bank deposit of Euros into your specified bank account. Depending on the banking institution this could be instant (with Instant SEPA) or take up to two business days.