Depositing to the LP

In the MYKOBO app, you will see in the navigation bar the following icon (a swimming pool ladder icon):
This will lead you to the Liquidity Pools screen as follows:
In order to add liquidity, select the 'Add Liquidity' text and you will be taken to the next screen:
You are free to select whichever base crypto you want to work from in terms of entering the value you want to deposit.
  • Enter in the amount of EURC you would like to deposit, and the amount of XLM will be automatically calculated.
  • Or enter in the amount of XLM you would like to deposit, and the amount of needed EURC will be automatically calculated.
Pay Attention: The way the LP works is there has to be an equal amount of crypto on each side of the pair. Therefore, you have to be holding both crypto's in the pair.
An example of a deposit would be: 50 EURC and 587.233542779 XLM.
Another example could be: 50 EURC and 54.65 USDC.
Finally, as you deposit into the liquidity pool, you will see various statistics such as the following if for example someone actually deposited €1,000,000. Upon deposit, one received then a value in 'pool shares'