Liquidity Pools

Add liquidity to select markets and earn on the transaction fees that come in via the Liquidity Pools (LP).

What is a Liquidity Pool?

We built MYKOBO and the EURC on the Stellar Blockchain Network. Within this network, they have created what is called a 'Liquidity Pool' which is a market pair of two kinds of crypto coins. It functions automatically and hence it is called an AMM (Automatic Market Maker).
Because of this structure, market participants can deposit into the liquidity pool and earn fees for supplying liquidity on the crypto coin pair. Pairs that are supported by MYKOBO in our app are:
  • EURC/USDC (coming soon)
  • AQUA/EURC (coming soon)
Here is a snapshot on a given day of the XLM/EURC pair.
Within the app, it is possible to support the liquidity of the network by adding funds to the crypto pair. Follow the next steps for depositing and also withdrawing from the liquidity pools.