In order to hold EURC, one must go through the process of first buying it within our app. The process is as follows.
Select the blue 'Buy' button on the dedicated EURC wallet screen
Enter the amount of EURC you want to buy
The amount you want to buy must be above the minimum amount (20 EURC) and less than the maximum amount (30,000 EURC).
Copy the details for the bank transfer
These details you will have to input into your bank transfer with your local bank. Please note, we only receive transfers via the European Standard called SEPA. If it is not a SEPA transfer, we will have to return your funds and you will be charged fees for the error by your banking institution.
Click on the 'Done' button and you are then finished.
Currently, you can expect a maximum of two business days for funds to clear, and your EURC to be issued. Shortly, we expect this to be instant.
Please make sure that the name you have signed up with at MYKOBO is matching as closely as possible with how your name is defined at your banking institution.
  • We cannot accept funds from anybody other than you as our customer.
  • We also do not recommend making a bank transfer from any kind of family joint or shared bank account where more than one name is on the account. This is because of KYC requirements. If you are the MYKOBO user buying EURC, you must be the sole name who is on the sending bank account

Coming Soon - SWAP

Currently it is only possible to buy EURC in the app via a SEPA transfer. In the future, we will be offering a 'swap' function which is not exactly buying EURC, but swapping other coins you hold for EURC. This is currently in development for the MYKOBO app.